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Meet Kevrinek – The secret place

In a fresh and emotive series of atmospheric books, Mike Anthony unveils Kevrinek, a new, intriguing concept drive by romance, history and the enduring power of music.


It is late 1970’s and we are drawn to the wild north coast of Cornwall in the rugged south west of England. The thickly wooded valley known as Kevrinek tumbles down to the Atlantic Ocean and above this secret place sits the brooding 15th century manor house of Chy Nans, ancestral home of the Penryn family whose fortune was founded on tin mining. Flashback over five hundred years to the tumultuous Dissolution of the Monasteries, when Chy Nans was known as The Retreat, a monastic building whose original purpose is unknown. An indelible footprint from this medieval world leads us to discover mysteries and secrets embedded deep in the foundations of the house and valley below.

Jon Penryn, musician, dreamer and historical writer, returns after three years to find his home and much of his life buried deep in snow. Mystery and intrigue are never far away as a charismatic cast share heady romance entwined with great music, echoes from Dark Ages England ever present, the story unfolding on the savage,unforgiving yet majestic coastline of Cornwall. The Medieval labyrinth of Chy Nans slowly reveals its secrets, a story of death, desolation, greed and hidden treasure begins to unwind after sleeping for five centuries.

The web of intrigue spills over from the wild north on to the wide expanse of the moors and deep into the Kingdom of the South where, even there, links to Kevrinekare to be found.


The stories are driven by desire, desperation, romance, passion and Mike Anthony’sdesire to make the Cornwall he knows and loves come alive. Music is the enduring link……there will always be music.

Book 1, The Homecoming, is the foundation.

Book 2, Chamber of the Dead, is evolution.

Book 3, Kingdom of the South is expansion

Book 4 is in progress and is revelation.  

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