Kevrinek Overview.

Mike Anthony paints a broad canvas of intrigue and romance on the majestic north coast of Cornwall, England in the late nineteen seventies, although the story begins some five-hundred years earlier. The Kevrinek series follows the adventures of Jon Penryn, a gifted but insecure musician and writer. News of his Father’s death brings Jon back to Cornwall after three years of self-imposed exile. The ancestral home, Chy Nans, lies abandoned, buried in deep snow above the mysterious valley of Kevrinek … the secret place. Coming face to face with a life he left behind was always destined to be traumatic, especially when wounds of a deep love are painfully reopened.

The brutal reality he encounters on his return is far from what Jon had in mind. Any prospect of reconciliation he’d anticipated in ‘The Homecoming’ is overtaken by a chain of events that draw him into a search for monastic treasure, sleeping since the time of the Dissolution of the monasteries. Sinister and awesome secrets come to light in ‘Chamber of the Dead’, eclipsing Jon’s uneasy fixation with the beautiful Kerensa, the love of his life, although it soon transpires that she has other ideas.

When a gateway into the dark labyrinth below the old house is inadvertently revealed, evidence of a violent and tragic past making him reassess priorities, a hint of treasure emerging with stories to tell, enlightenment surely to be found beyond the Great Wall … or is this just in Jon’s vivid imagination?

An irresistible backdrop of the beautiful, wild, unforgiving Cornish coast and the wide, bleak moors are a stage where danger, intrigue, passion and the power of music intertwine in this very English mystery drama series. Thinking to seek respite from the dark secrets below Chy Nans, Jon’s focus is drawn to the softer, south coast of Cornwall, only to find deeper mysteries, astounding discoveries and earth-shattering romance in the ‘Kingdom of the South’.