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Things start to fall into place when a character takes over and demands things of you, the writer. It’s a pleasing and sometimes infuriating threshold.

On the one hand an individual marches off in a totally different direction than the one we had supposed, a bit like a small child who may wander down the garden, clearly with a purpose, yet we cannot see into the mind that holds the objective. To me, this threshold is an indication that the person in a book has become ‘real’, and destiny is in their hands, not yours, meaning, of course, that all other participants and circumstances change.

It’s an uplifting adventure to see plot lines being constructed not by you, but by the elements you have created coming to life. Rather like life, plan as you may, but be prepared to adapt as you go along. And that’s the way it should be………..isn’t it? It’s the way we grow and, when creating stories and music, it’s what stretches us and makes us strive to keep up with our characters and, in my case, singers as well. I can’t wait to see where they will lead me this week.

I may like it. I may not. Either way, it’s all good.

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