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Cornwall England 1979 Hidden for five-hundred years, the mysteries of Kevrinek begin to unravel one by one. Jon Penryn searches in the ruins of his ancestral home, Chy Nans, for a link between the death of his friend and mentor, answers surely to be found deep within this medieval labyrinth.

Beautiful Kerensa has secrets of her own that even the majesty of the music they share seems powerless to overcome. Can the deep love and passion that was theirs be rekindled, or are the demons still too strong?

Unlocking the past brings danger, the lure of treasure from the Dissolution tantalising. Opening the chamber will surely come at a price, but is it one they are prepared to pay? The sinister mystery of Chy Nans is about to unfold rather differently than Jon had imagined.

Book Two: Chamber of the Dead

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