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October 2021 Suffolk England.


Thirty-two years ago, almost to the day, I was persuaded to take my first trip to Walt Disney World in Florida. It seems crazy now, as I really wasn’t keen on the idea, but my son Ed twisted my arm so severely that WDW was dragged into my personal world, quickly grew into a love-affair, and has remained there over multiple visits and thousands of hours of reverie … and the intensity never fades. Ed was equally smitten and, some years later, spent a year on the Cultural Programme at Epcot. Ten years before that first, life-changing trip in 1989, I was singing full-time in Cornwall, England, the setting for my KEVRINEK novels. 


‘A Tale of two Englands’ combines the two locations, both places magical in different ways. 

It’s interesting that, looking back over thirty years … help … the underlying feeling is not one of nostalgia, more a sense of anticipation, at WDW in particular. Walt always intended that things would evolve, and most certainly at Epcot. I have seen the passing of several iconic attractions in the parks, missed them for a while, then find myself in awe at what has emerged and continues to be conjured up by those amazing Imagineers. Even the demise of the much-loved Horizons cannot dampen my enthusiasm. I trust Disney and cannot wait to get back just as soon as this pandemic releases its grip on travel. Oddly, it felt as if WDW was a hidden secret back in ’89. Yes, things have changed, but magic is still at the core.

Cornwall, here in England, has also changed hugely since I was singing there although, on a recent visit, I was thrilled to find the magic and mystery still intact, even if Janice and I had to hunt for it. With Blog posts on my site, I am still trying to unwrap my feelings … which is fun. 

Finally, I do hope some of the story content resonates with you. My long-standing love-affair with Cornwall and WDW brings Bru and Olivia together and it’s my pleasure and privilege to share these thoughts with you.

A Christmas Eve, free of charge special will shortly magically appear on the website - – prepare to have your imagination tested as Walt and characters of the Kingdom hold court. Of course, if you’re a Disney head-case like me, nothing will surprise you. The ‘Disney decade’ is approaching and a rival park, with attitude, is slated to open before 1990 is but a few months old.


Mike Anthony

A Tale of Two Englands – A Disney Romance

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