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I have been driven through to the end of Book 3 in the KEVRINEK series.

KINGDOM OF THE SOUTH has been an amazing experience for me and I’m grateful to my characters for making it such an enjoyable experience. They are now waiting none too patiently for Book 4 to get underway and have given me indications as to which way they plan to take me this time. They are rather unpredictable so I have no idea what to expect. You will notice dozens of songs running through the first three books and many more plus original material is destined for the books and site in the near future.

One serious frustration is that there are several brilliant songs, and I mention Fleetwood Mac here because they seem to be fond of them, that I am dying for my characters to play and sing but………………..many haven’t been written let alone recorded yet!

I have two years before they can sing Gypsy, seven years before they can perform Little Lies and Everywhere and eight before they can tackle As long as you follow.

I just know they will do them justice. In Kingdom of the South the music is starting to gel. I’m sure they will find plenty of songs for Book 4, so I’ll update on progress in the next few weeks after my characters have decided where to take me.

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