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The year is 1989. Walt Disney World Florida. From England, old and new, beautiful Olivia and musician Bru are drawn together in the most magical place on earth, their fractured lives in desperate need of peace and clarity, a healing touch they know can only be found at the Magic Kingdom. Instead, they find enchantment of a different kind, the intensity of what they discover creating a barrier they seem unable to overcome.

Torn apart by circumstances, all seems lost, the synchronistic spell broken. But the Disney magic cannot be dismissed so easily, and fate contrives a tenuous silver thread linking England old and new across the mighty Atlantic. Two further strands stretch towards Florida, creating a Disney triangle, within which everything is possible. Walt Disney World is about to enter a new decade, and era of exciting expansion, the Disney decade. Is the magic triangle strong enough to rekindle the perfection they almost created?



Book Four - A Tale of Two Englands – a Disney romance

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