Kindom of the South

You’ll find excerpts from quite a few great songs sprinkled throughout the book, many of which carry with them a sentiment that fits with that section of the story. Most are ones I was singing when playing gigs in Cornwall, and I still sing them now, so much do I like and respect them. Well, there will be one or two I don’t, and I wonder if you can spot which they may be.

Have a listen to this music if you can find time, sing along with my characters, they’re really quite versatile, you’ll see what I mean as the book unfolds. Let me know on the blog or on media if there are other songs you’d like them to try. I believe Jon and his musical friends are recording original tracks even as I write, and they could well find their way on to the website very soon.

If anyone has photos of Cornwall as it is now that they would like to share with me, I’d love to see how things have changed since I spent a decade there. I can always put one or two on the site, with your permission of course, and will make sure free paperback copies of my stories are sent to you should I use any.

The sun is going down on an unusually warm October day here in Suffolk.

Do hope you enjoy the book. I have loved writing it. Don’t forget the songs and perhaps we can meet up at a gig sometime.

Mike Anthony

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