Cornwall – the Monastic connection

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

There is a huge amount of information available on monastic sites around the country, and a long list of those in Cornwall. An array of Monasteries, Granges, Priories and cells, the remains of some are still to be found, others erased from existence over time, are to be found among the nine hundred or so religious houses recorded at the time of the Dissolution. The list of Cornish sites is listed in this link:


If you would like to look further into this fascinating subject, I include some links, which will take you to several very learned sites. Within the Kevrinek books, I suggest a possible link to the Priory at Bodmin established by St Petroc, possibly in the 6th century after he moved from Padstow, his original monastery in the town having been destroyed by the Vikings in AD581. The following links give a good deal of detail on the sites in Cornwall and a sound background on what we know of St Petroc.

Another monk, St Guron was at Bodmin when Petroc arrived but made way for him, moving his cell to Gorran to the south. His ‘well’ remains and you will find references to this on the following site:

The Bodmin Gospels – Manumissions - will no doubt come up in your research and this was a manuscript produced by the monks of Bodmin, which now resides in the British Library. The link below explains a little about this remarkable work, discovered by Thomas Rudd, a bookseller in London in 1833, who sold it to the British Library. It was thought to have been assembled and covered in Brittany, then a Celtic area.