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Kevrinek: The Homecoming

Cornwall. England. 1979. Jon Penryn returns to his ancestral home after three years of self-imposed exile, finding a cold, abandoned house buried in snow, deep in the valley known as Kevrinek, the secret place. Time to rebuild his fractured life, but the signs are ominous. 

Echoes from history plunge Jon back five hundred years as intrigue, death, greed, violence, and romance resound across the centuries, the power of music his only touchstone. Towering above everything is his vision of the beautiful Kerensa.

Unaware of the ghosts that now haunt her, Jon is determined to know if the magic still lives. Will he rediscover the feelings that tear at his heart and soul, or will the demons that fly with Kerensa prove too strong? 

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Kevrinek: Chamber of the Dead

The deep secrets of Kevrinek start to unravel, resounding across time. Uncertainty and danger lay in wait as Jon searches for truth in the ruins of his ancient Cornish home. Kerensa has demons of her own, threatening to destroy the love and passion that they know could be theirs again. Music is the anchor, but is it strong enough.


History, love and music mingle with a sinister past in Book 2

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Book no.1
Book no.2

Kevrinek: Kingdom Of The South

Cornwall England 1980. Above the valley known as Kevrinek, ancient secrets tumble down from the Dark Ages, layer upon layer of mystery and intrigue, threatening to tear Jon Penryn away from the savage majesty of the North Kingdom.

The love around which his world revolved lies in ruins, capsized on the rocky shoreline, yet the power of music throws a lifeline into the raging sea. 

On the horizon, renewed hope and true romance beckon from the mystical KINGDOM OF THE SOUTH. The journey continues.

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