Why Do These Things Always Come In Threes

Why Do These Things Always Come In Threes

Author Mike Anthony make his groundbreaking debut in this sexy, emotional thriller!

Evie Williamson, P.I. has just returned from her childhood home in Reisterstown, Maryland with her fiancée, Dan Thompson, where they have successfully uncovered an insidious plot hatched by her estranged father, Dr. Jonathan Williamson and his teaching assistant, Tiffany Wellshire, to run off together, leaving behind his wife and family of almost 25 years. What Dr. Williamson was not aware of, however, was a sub-plot in the works in which Tiffany was trying to fleece the Johns Hopkins professor of his savings and retirement funds.

In the process, Evie came to find out that her mother, Helen, was way more than she had ever imagined, and that her own personality and character was more like her mother than she had ever imagined. Though her tactics pushed the boundaries of ethics and legality to the brink, Evie was successful in the end and freed her mother from the nightmare she had been living through for years. In the process, Helen was taken on by a small boutique publishing house in Baltimore to finally pursue her own dreams that had been blocked since she was a young student herself.

Evie and Dan retuned to Oklahoma City where Dan moved into a private law practice after leaving the county DA’s office to continue work begun by his mentor, the man responsible for him enrolling in law school as a young man. Evie herself assumed she would be picking up her own work in the business she was now a partner in with Phil Nestor, her mentor and friend. As if often the case, though, life stepped in and presented a different pathway than she envisioned, as loss and challenge arise to derail Evie’s new life.

Not only does she encounter losses that would have been unimaginable just months before, but Evie is faced with new responsibilities and obstacles in the business from outside forces. Follow along as she struggles to balance running a business, taking on corporate rivals, and trying to adjust to her new life with a pending wedding with Dan. Her old family relationships as well as her evolving new life clash as the old adage of bad things coming in threes becomes a reality for both Evie and Dan.

She had thought she had stripped herself of all her demons form her childhood, but has Tiffany Wellshire really just faded away? What about her estranged father, Jonathan, who was exposed by his daughter’s investigation? When the confluence of circumstances collide, will Evie be able to cope?

Accomplished authors Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke make their suspense debut with great skill and assurance in this enthralling novel of marital secrets and lies, grief and revelation. The Good Widow led me along a winding, treacherous road and made a sharp, startling turn that I didn’t see coming. Unputdownable!

— A. J. Banner, #1 Amazon bestselling author of The Good Neighbor and The Twilight Wife

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