The Adventures Of Evie Williamson P.I.

The Adventures Of Evie Williamson P.I.

Author Mike Anthony make his groundbreaking debut in this sexy, emotional thriller!

Evelyn Williamson grew up in the suburbs of Baltimore living a fairly unremarkable middle-class existence with her parents and brother. She had, however, always hated her name and its connotation to days gone by….it was old fashioned. When she was in her early teenage years, she adopted the moniker, Evie which to her was a better fit. It was due partly this as well as partly from the turbulent and confrontational relationship that she had with her father, Dr. Jonathan Williamson, that had pushed her to this decision. Her father was the first Williamson to over attend school beyond high school and it was a tribute to his great-aunt, Evelyn, that he had named his daughter after. Jonathan cherished his new status as an associate professor of history at Johns Hopkins to the exclusion of all else.

Jonathan Williamson wanted to distance himself from his not so illustrious ancestors and was enraged when he discovered that Evie had no designs at all in falling his footsteps to higher education. She saw him as elitist and snobbish and it put her on a track to move in the opposite direction from him at a young age. Evie, as David Henry Thoreau suggested, definitely marched to the beat of her own drum. She pondered her future and came upon the idea of becoming a private investigator (P.I.). It was kept quiet as she knew her father would put an instant stop to the idea. She shared this only with her boyfriend, Michael, who similarly wanted to pursue music an art to the high displeasure of his own parents.

Follow Evie as she and Michael bid farewell to one another each going their separate ways and defying their parents’ wishes as they flee Maryland to pursue their own dreams. She meets and is taken under the wing of a mentor in the field as her dreams far exceed her expectations. Evie had made a solemn vow to herself that she will never allow herself to let money or a marriage distract her from her goals, as her mother did. But what happens when Evie meets the professional and personal equal in Dan Thompson, the charming, yet assuming district attorney in Oklahoma County where she begins her career as a P.I.?

Accomplished authors Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke make their suspense debut with great skill and assurance in this enthralling novel of marital secrets and lies, grief and revelation. The Good Widow led me along a winding, treacherous road and made a sharp, startling turn that I didn’t see coming. Unputdownable!

— A. J. Banner, #1 Amazon bestselling author of The Good Neighbor and The Twilight Wife

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