5 Healthy Habits of successful authors


As an author we dream of publishing several books a year all of which are highly successful ending up on bestselling charts. This doesn’t come without habits that help to catapult them into achieving their best work and the success that follows. Here are some of the habits I try to cultivate and live by in my quest for success.


  1. They have a thick skin…

Don’t fear rejection and fail to put your work out there, have faith in yourself and be proud of the work you produce if you don’t stand by your work no one else will either. You are going to have to take on board the feedback you get from your body of work wisely if you want to succeed. The feedback you get is crucial and a stepping stone to your success as an author.



  1. They write every single day…

It’s normal that some days will be better than others in terms of ideas, inspiration and creativity. But try to make it a habit to chip away at your work even on those off days, it’ll keep everything flowing and add to your overall productivity. Set yourself goals of the writing you want to achieve daily…which leads us into the next point….


  1. They set goals and achieve them…

Set yourself reasonable goals that you expect to be able to achieve, don’t bother with goals you know you won’t achieve but give you the feeling of achievement. These will get you nowhere and do more harm than good. You can set the bar low and slowly raise it as you achieve your writing goals. Whether you commit to 2 pages a day or 30 pages a week, make sure you work to meet your goals. This will give you the truest sense of achievement.


  1. They implore habits that fuel their mind and cultivate creativity…

We all know about writers block and at times ideas and creativity may be non-existent. Keeping ideas and your creative imagination is imperative, however at times this proves to be a difficult feat. There are a number of ways for a writer to help maintain creativity and inspiration these include, going into nature, getting into a good routine, reading more or even joining a community or group. You can read about this in more detail via my blog post: ‘Staying inspired: How to fuel you imagination and cultivate creativity’.



  1. They read endlessly…

Perhaps the most common and crucial of all for… dare I say: every author, read, read and read some more! This will help with every aspect of your life as a writer, from inspiration to writing style. Reading will keep you invigorated and alleviate you from falling into a stale writing style. And please broaden your tastes in writing and literature don’t box yourself into one category this will give you a deeper scope of situations, thought processes and tones. After all isn’t it the captivating world of reading that inspired you to write in the first place?!

Staying inspired: How to fuel your imagination and cultivate creativity.


 As a writer you never know when a new idea will present itself to you, whilst at other times they may just be non-existent. Creativity is defined as, the use of imagination or original ideas. Keeping ideas and your creative imagination is imperative, however at times this proves to be a difficult feat.


Here are 4 key ways that help to maintain creativity and inspiration:


Have an adventure or go into nature.

  1. Go on an adventure, get out out into nature and marvel at its beauty. Or take a risk and challenge yourself with a solo adventure to a place you’ve never been before. These kinds of activities keep you humbled, appreciative and open-minded they give you new experiences which are sure to get those creative juices flowing.


Get into a good routine.

  1. There is no one-size-fits -all schedule but experiment and see which one serves you best. I for example am a morning person, therefore I prefer to rise early and get most of my work done at the beginning of the day. I’ve found that my peak focus occurs in the morning and therefore also attempt my toughest tasks for the day at this time. One of the most important things to consider is to make sure you’re getting the optimum amount of sleep for your age, health and lifestyle. I know many writers struggle with having healthy sleep habits but this will in time inhibit your creativity so try to get an average of 8 hours per night.


Read more.

  1. Actively consume creative mediums by people that you admire, naturally I’m an avid reader and have found reading to be crucial when I lack inspiration. By exercising your brain in this way you will find yourself having a brainwave idea in the middle of the chapter of that book you just can’t put down. I find that with the accessibility of social media these days it’s easy to replace this time with browsing Facebook rather than reading- be careful of this time wasted.


Join a community or group.

  1. Staying inspired and cultivating great work can be a lonely task, ensure that you surround yourself with a good support network. Whether this means joining a group or maintaining good regular relationships with friends and family. Talking and connecting others helps to create new ideas and gain insight. Likeminded individuals such as those in a writing community are likely to have perspectives and tools to share. Sharing ideas helps grow even more ideas!



Whilst everyone is different always question and challenge yourself, it’s ok to doubt, that is part of the creative process! Just make sure you always have a notepad handy to write down any ideas that come your way, you never know what may stem from one simple, experience, conversation or novel that you are currently reading. Using your imagination is one of the most exhilarating tools! Hope this has inspired you.