Baptism Of Fire

Baptism Of Fire

Author Mike Anthony make his groundbreaking debut in this sexy, emotional thriller!

Evie Williamson is flourishing in her new career as a Private Investigator (P.I.) in Oklahoma City. She fled her dysfunctional family in Maryland after high school to follow her dreams and she is now a full partner with her mentor and friend, Phil Nestor at Nestor-Williamson Investigations, LLC. Evie was still reeling a bit from her heartbreak with her high school sweetheart, Michael Grayson, and has immersed herself in her career and her new role as a partner. When Phil suffered a mild heart attack, Evie turned to a business acquaintance, Dan Thompson, the county District Attorney to assuage her worry and concern over what might happen to Phil and the business in the aftermath.

From out of the blue, she and Dan are drawn to each other and a superficial friendship soon grows to a deep and intimate one. At the end of a spontaneous and romantic trip to Europe through Italy and Switzerland, Dan surprises Evie by proposing in a small local café in Venice. She returns with Dan to Oklahoma walking on clouds, both her professional and personal lives flying high.

However, as soon as she gets home, Evie gets a call from her brother Josh back in Maryland. Her estranged father, Dr. Jonathan Williamson has had a stroke and is in the ICU at Johns Hopkins Hospital. Evie is immediately enraged that this has blown apart her engagement news, but her partner and friend, Phil talks her down and convinces her that she must go back east to deal with it. Evie grudgingly agrees, but is very anxious as she has no idea what kind of an emotional minefield she may be walking into based on her unannounced departure from home.

She is sure her mother, Helen, is still on aligned with her father as no one ever seemed to be concerned about her leaving home without even a note. However, once Evie arrives back home, she discovers a myriad of secrets about Helen that shake her to her core. As well, she finds a situation with her father that stuns her as well. Will Evie reconcile with the man who drove her to flee Maryland in the dark of the night without a word? Or will he even survive so that she can make the effort? What secrets has her mother kept hidden for all of Evie’s life that will change everything? Join Evie as her adventures continue from book one as she uncovers information about her family that floor her, and follow along as she embarks on an investigation that is the most personal one she has ever taken on, as she pushes the limits of all ethical and legal boundaries to succeed.

Accomplished authors Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke make their suspense debut with great skill and assurance in this enthralling novel of marital secrets and lies, grief and revelation. The Good Widow led me along a winding, treacherous road and made a sharp, startling turn that I didn’t see coming. Unputdownable!

— A. J. Banner, #1 Amazon bestselling author of The Good Neighbor and The Twilight Wife

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